iPhone 7 10.1.1 beta4
now with substrate & iOS 10.0.x support
extra_recipe+yaluX by xerub & ianbeer

beta7 for all iOS 10 64 bit devices except iPhone7

fuck icrackuridevice & fce365

code ipa (cydia impactor) sha1 4afa99d4b568aa8cbb9ac61fddd584111fed79c5 fixes ipad air and mini 4 beta6: - fixes some issues some device/fw combos were having with the tfp0 / nonceEnabler patch beta5: - placebo effect beta4: - fixes the vulnerability used to pwn the kernel - dropbear now listens on rather than, fixing a security issue - tfp0 added - nonceEnabler built in - JITSupport is working beta3: - fix apple watch beta2: - iPhone 5s/6 support beta1: - mobilesubstrate works licensed under wtfpl
yalu + mach_portal for iOS 8.4.1 iOS 10.(1(.1)) by ian beer (sb/root/kern) & qwertyoruiop (hypv/memprot) task_for_pid_0 is sooo 2014 2017 (6s) that means __TEXT_EXEC, for the researchers out there! (6s) on 7, things are different. but ya still got __DATA_CONST! also decided to not obfuscate no warranty implied blah blah blah i am not a lawyer beta1: glitchy, mobilesubstrate not working (on purpose), super fucking unstable, glitchy again (!!!) DO NOT INSTALL UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING (!!!) this is likely (nah not really but pretend it is) to fuck your device up forcing you to restore, so better safe than sorry. wait for stable release DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS SOFTWARE FROM OTHER SOURCES OTHER THAN THESE LINKS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. IT IS VERY EASY TO BACKDOOR THIS SORT OF SOFTWARE TO CONTAIN MALWARE. PLEASE BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL. THESE MIRRORS ARE TRUSTED, BUT STILL CHECK SHA changelog beta4-1: - it may now work (in theory/maybe). It may fail a few times; hard reset with home(pre-i7)/volume down(i7) + power beta4: - added mobilesubstrate support - device support still unchanged - procexp hangs rather than panicing - OS should be way more stable - it may have some new issues. If OS does not come back after reloading, reboot and try again. planned features for next release (gamma): - more devices supported - fix procexp - fix mmap() hook amfi checks - mobilesubstrate works thanks to a dirty hack. better solution? mirror (my own) - beta3 mirror (my own) - beta4-1 - BROKEN $ shasum -a 256 mach_portal+yalu-b4-1.ipa f34ba1bebf02b265a871158e778596ee2ff1547a69fdb687d911897b7b7b22c5 cydia impactor my patches and additions on top of Ian's code are licensed under the ABSE ("Anyone But Stefan Esser") license. note that an additional exception to the license is added, forbidding use/redistribution of said content to his trainees as well, but only when in a 5 mile radius from "Stefan Esser" or while holding any sort of (video)conference/chat with him. note that this license will only be used as long as what would capstone decode / that one other arm64 ida plugin thing by i0n1c ("Stefan Esser") are not under the MIT license. afterwards, all exceptions are cleared and basically WTFPL applies if you need a copy of the rest of the license feel free to google it or something. (c) KJC Research